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NASCAR is always adding new pieces of equipment to the rules and regulations of the races. This website is a collection of some of the major pieces of safety equipment. You will find pictures and technical descriptions that will help to explain in details what each piece of equipment really is and what it does.

There are five main pieces of safety equipment that will be discussed:
        *The Hans Device- This is a combination helmet and shoulder restraint that helps keep the driver's body properly aligned if they are in a crash.
        *Fire-Retardant Suits- This suit seves two purposes; one, to display the teams sponsors, and two, to protect the driver from being burned in the case of a fire.
        *Fire-Retardant Gloves- Gloves are used to help the drivers keep a better grip on their wheel, and they are also used to prevent burns.
        *Fire-Retardant Boots- These fire-retardant racing boots can keep the racer from getting seriously injured if their racecar caught fire. These boots also help to keep the driver comfortable and driving their best.
        *Restrictor Plates- Restrictor plates are used in racecars as safety devices to slow cars down.

Also on this website, you will find a page devoted to what the drivers have to say about all these safety rules and pieces of equipment.

There is a page on the rules themself. There you will find many links to websites that contain every up to date rule.

Finally, you will find a guestbook and a message board. Please sign the guestbook. This helps us to better keep track of our visitors and help make the website fit their needs. We may also be able to answer any questions you may have.
The message board is there for NASCAR fans to talk and get to know each other better. You can tell others what your opinion on safety equipment is.

We hope that you enjoy the site!!

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