Fire-Retardant Boots

Fire-Retardant Boots

These fire-retardant racing boots can keep the racer from getting seriously injured if their racecar caught fire. These boots also help to keep the driver comfortable and driving their best.

        To ensure comfortable driving and safety, these shoes are made with:

* A rubber sole with a very low cut edge that won’t catch the petals of the car (this sole also ensures a longer life of the shoe)

* Rolled heel for easier movement

* Insole pad with arch support to support the racers leg and ankle better

* Anatomically designed full leather cover (also ensures for longer life of the shoe)

* Inside is lined with Nomex (brand of fire-retardant material)

* Ankle padding for more comfort

All of these qualities make this fire-retardant boot very widely used in racing.

        These boots are very safe because they are made of Nomex fire-retardant material. Unlike other flame-retardant materials, Nomex fire resistance cannot be washed out or worn away. Gas fires can burn at between 1800 and 2100 degrees Fahrenheit, which these boots are tested at.

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