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Pop Secret 400 notes
11 November 2003

Larry finished 28th today in the Pop Secret 400, tying his best Winston Cup finish. Despite finishing four laps down, being able to contend with other cars and finishing 28th twice in a row should be awesome for Larry and the Harrah's team going into the final Winston Cup race of his rookie season.

Larry's post-race quotes:

"We had moments where we were pretty decent. Today is one of the few days that I was passing a lot of cars and had a little bit of fun out there. I got caught up in some fluid when a bunch of them wrecked down there and brushed the wall and toed the thing in. We needed to fix it but we tried to stay out and live with it because there were only a few laps left and I slid up in front of Tony (Stewart) and did that accident so that was my fault. It was a decent day. We ran all day and I think we learned a lot. That's two races in a row where we've at least been able to race some guys and run with some cars."

IS THAT ENCOURAGING? "Today was probably more encouraging, even though the finish maybe wasn't as good as Phoenix. We passed a lot of race cars today and ran competitive lap times all day so that is really encouraging for us."

Watching the replay of that late race incident, you can see that Sterling Marlin cut Larry off going into the corner. So I don't know why Larry's blaming himself. He may have been struggling with the car throughout the final laps, but he didn't show it. He held the 27th position throughout, and only dropped one spot after the spin with Stewart.

I've heard that a lot of people are going to attempt to qualify at Homestead. REALLY hope Larry gets into the race!! His average finish in BGN at the track is 21st, and he was 20th last year.


~ dearjoan


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