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Post-race quotes: Checker Auto Parts 500
from race2win.net
2 November 2003

YOU SAID ON FRIDAY YOU WANTED TO HAVE A SOLID DAY. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED? "Not really because we really didn't run good all day. We just got lucky with a lot of cautions. The guys did a great job all day. We kept making changes and making it better. We just weren't very good all day. There at the end I thought we could get us a couple of those guys that I had passed a few times and we came in and put scuffs and I don't know if that was the right thing because they didn't seem to have the grip that stickers had there late in the day. I'm a little bummed out because we lost some spots there at the end but it's one of our better finishes of the year so I guess that's good."

HOW MUCH DID YOU LEARN RACING WITH OTHER CARS? "It was fun getting to race there at the end and be on the lead lap and passing guys for position and racing side by side. I haven't gotten to do a lot of that this year, just tried to stay out of the way a lot. That was pretty good. We just could not get that thing to turn in the middle all day and it killed us. And the harder I drove the worse it got and that's kind of what happened to me at the end."

DID YOU LEARN A LOT? " Definitely. Seat time is seat time and for me to run all day like is what we wanted to do. We came out of here with a half decent finish and didn't tear anything up and that's a good day."

Larry finished on the lead lap for the first time in his 18 starts in Winston Cup! He kept himself out of trouble all day, and came out with a 28th place finish. SO great to get to see him do some racing today! I watched him swap places with Kenny Wallace several times (I notice Kenny, because I root for him too), and I know there were some other folks like Schrader around that area. LEAD LAP, BABY!!


~ dearjoan


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