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Kansas Quotes
from race2win.net
8 October 2003


HOW ARE YOU FEELING? "I feel good. I'm sore. I feel really good about getting back in the car. I'm still pretty banged up. I've got a small crack in my left wrist, which isn't too bad, just bothersome. My kidney is still in a lot of pain; it took a pretty hard shot. It will be interesting when I go down into the corner and hit some G-loads."

WHAT IS THE PLAN IF YOU CAN'T DRIVE THIS WEEKEND? "My buddy Mark Green is spotting for a Busch car but he's going to come down and hop in the seat and make sure everything fits for him. So if I can't do it, I'll probably put Mark Green in the car."

WHAT HAPPENED SUNDAY AT TALLADEGA? "That summed up my whole year right there, just bad luck got us. I had the best speedway car that I ever had. The Harrah's Dodge was really fast and I was just hanging out. It was way early in the race. I was moving up, the middle was working really good and the engine just got real hot. My water was like 260 (degrees) so I hopped out of line to cool it off for a little bit and jumped behind Jeremy (Mayfield). I said 'I'll help Jeremy and push him for a little while' and just as I was thinking that we went into three and I saw his car break loose. The tire went flat. There was nothing that he could have done, just bad luck. I thought he'd spin down. I knew he'd come back up, I thought I might have a chance to get by and then I saw him coming back up so I knew he was going to get me but I had no idea it was going to be that big of a hit. It was such a hard hit it surprised me. It was a big lick."

YOU HIRED A NEW CREW CHIEF THIS WEEK. "We're going to be trying him for a couple of races and see how it goes. I might try a couple of people. We're just going to see how it goes. Like I told my guys, we're working on next year right now already. We're trying to get a good nucleus going to go into next year and be more prepared than we were this year."

WHAT KIND OF SKILLS DOES GREG BRING TO THE TEAM? "He's been around a long time, been in the Winston Cup deal. He's been down in the trucks helping Robert (Pressley). What's great is that he's been on a lot of teams like us that have limited resources and I think that's something where he can make a lot out of a little and I think that's something that's going to help us out. There are two different types of crew chiefs in the business now because you've got guys that do well with all the resources and they're better organizers and things like that. They may not know the cars in and out like some guys. They do really well with putting all that information together and then some guys have to take a little bit and try to stretch it a lot. I think his personality will fit real well. We've got a smaller group so we're more like a small family-type team, and I think, and we needed a guy that would fit in that situation."


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