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Foyt Boys Testing at Daytona

from Foyt Racing

Larry and Anthony Foyt IV are in Daytona Beach, Fla. this weekend testing Busch Series cars for the upcoming Hershey's Kissables 300.

Larry is testing a car for Ray Evernham which will be driven by Kasey Kahne in the Busch race at Daytona next month.

"It was an opportunity to help out Ray and Kasey but it also allows me to get back the stock car feel," said Foyt. "The last race car I drove was my dad's Indy car in the 500 at Indy last May."

Foyt adapted pretty quickly for having been out of the cockpit for nearly eight months. He was 18th out of 59 cars in the morning session and fifth out of 44 cars in the drafting session in the afternoon. "This car is fast but we still have to work on some things to get it to drive better," he said afterwards, adding "I'm having fun. It feels good to be back behind the wheel."

Anthony, who had watched Larry make his debut in the 2004 Daytona 500 and again was present for Larry's stirring run in the ARCA race there last year, took to the historic track for the first time in the No. 38 Great Clips Dodge. Foyt IV will race for the Great Clips team for the entire Busch Series including the 300-miler at Daytona next month.

Asked his first impression of driving around the track, he replied, "It's big and rough. Driving by myself was pretty easy but I know it'll be more difficult in the draft. Larry told me what to expect before I got down here but it's good to have him here testing too."

"We didn?t do any drafting the first day," said Foyt IV. "I was pretty much working on my line and practicing the qualifying run. Here you have to really be precise on your shifting to run the car up through the gears, so that you build up the momentum on your first lap and go for it on the second lap. I?m looking forward to the whole experience."

Testing at Daytona continues through the weekend.


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