Brian Vickers Fan Club

Greetings from Brian: - "Welcome to the NEW, official Brian Vickers Fan Club (BVFC)! This is dedicated to my most loyal and supportive fans, so I hope it provides you with a unique and special perspective to following NASCAR and my racing activities.

We’ve had a variety of people ask about an official fan club for several years, but the opportunity never seemed quite right. But thanks to Rick and Ricky Hendrick and Hendrick Motorsports, I now have an opportunity with a championship-winning organization, and everyone associated with our program felt like 2003 was an ideal time to start formally supporting the fans who support me!

Take a look at what the Brian Vickers Fan Club has to offer – we’ve put together some unique member benefits and our staff is working on some really innovative ideas, incentives and rewards that official members will be able to enjoy now and in the future!

I have always made it a priority to respect and support race fans to the best of my ability. Without your loyalty and support, NASCAR would not be the national sport we all love today. If you’re already a fan of mine or the No. 5 GMAC Racing team, becoming an official member of the Fan Club is a great way to become an “insider” to what’s going on. If you’re not a Brian Vickers fan to date, I hope my team and I give you some good reasons this year to change your mind!

Thanks again for supporting our efforts. See you at the races!

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If you join the club, please say you were refered by Colleen Marie Lynch. Thank you!